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Trestleboard: June 2023

Notice of Regular Communication


June 14th – 7:00 PM

Please remember that this month’s communication will be a joint communication with Hope No. 25, in Wakefield, RI. The Lodge will open at 7:00 PM for the transaction of such business as shall regularly come before it. After opening in Master Mason, the lodge will drop down to Fellowcraft so that our FC brothers can join in the meeting.

Those wishing to gather for dinner at 6:00 PM, need to make reservations by calling Thomas Northup (401-225-6061). It will be a special testimonial dinner for John Adams. The menu is beef tenderloin, sides, and Caesar salad, for a cost of $15.


Greetings Brethren,

I’d like to offer a special congratulations to Brothers Roger Belmore, Barry Fontaine, Jr., Abdala Soufan, Travis Sherman, and Jason Flick on showing their proficiency in the Entered Apprentice degree. They have been working very hard on their journey and I encourage the brethren to help support them.

The program for the night was the Fellowcraft Degree, for the five brothers who had just completed their proficiency. I’d also like to express my appreciation to all the brothers that assisted in the degree, especially W. Cordeiro for the excellent middle chamber lecture! It was a wonderful success thanks to everyone’s efforts.

Master's Hat, Gavel & Jewel upon the Holy Writings

Last month was yet another busy month for the brothers of St. Alban’s, as we continued to travel both within Rhode Island, and outside the state. The month started with a visit to St. Paul’s No. 14, for our East Bay DDGM visitation. Then we traveled to Morning Star No. 13 for their DDGM’s visitation. We also had the pleasure of visiting Redwood No. 35 for their Semi-public annual communication, along with a joint meeting with Jenks No. 24 and the Collegium. We also had the pleasure to travel to Unity Lodge No. 9, in Valatie, NY, to return my great-great-grandfather’s past master’s jewel. It was a great trip, where we met some brothers that hope to visit Rhode Island someday, and hopefully St. Alban’s.

This month, we give special thanks and appreciation to Fathers. Father’s Day is a day that is very important to me. If not for my father and his father, I might not be a mason today. He was the man I looked up too, and wanted to be like, and he put me on the path I take today. If you are blessed with having your father still with you, I know that you understand. If you are a father in your own right, I also know you will share your pride as a role model through all your actions as a just and upright Mason.

Looking ahead, I wanted to share some key events to be on the lookout for, even though we will not meet in July or August.

1. The Fourth of July Celebration potluck is open to any Mason and his friends/family. We will be providing some dates and times for setup and clean-up. Please stop by and help. Many hands make light work.

2. Weekly Rehearsals: We will continue to meet for our weekly rehearsals (except 07 June) as we have a lot of work to do to prepare us for the Master Mason degree so, please make an effort to attend. We will meet on the second floor when it starts to get warm and enjoy the great a/c system we have.

3. Grand Lodge Annual BBQ Picnic: Date to be confirmed

4. Events still in the planning stages:

a. Clamboil(s) hosted by the St. Alban’s Association

b. St. Alban’s Glowball Tournament, Saturday, 30 Sept


Robert N. Hopkins, Jr.


Years of LIGHT

As another year passes since you were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, we thank you for your service to the cause of good and wish you well as you continue your quest for light.

6 yrs on 7/29 Bro. Roger Adolphe

21yrs on 6/01 Bro. Raymond Murray

6 yrs on 7/29 W∴ Danny Cordeiro

27 yrs on 6/03 R∴W∴ Gilbert Fontes

11 yrs on 6/13 Bro. Ronald Hillegass

28 yrs on 6/14 W∴ Jeffrey Howlett

13 yrs on 6/09 Bro. Albert Ferri

46 yrs on 6/14 W∴ Edward Wiacek

20 yrs on 6/11 Bro. Robert Hamel

Years of LIFE

As you celebrate another birthday, we wish you many more, with fraternal love and happiness always.

6/07 W∴ Timothy Pray

6/29 W∴ Leonard Sanford

6/08 Bro. Kyle Boyd

7/07 Robert Hopkins

6/10 R∴W∴ Gilbert Fontes

7/24 W∴ William Stephens

6/19 Bro. Brendan Ledsworth

7/30 Bro. Bacary Diatta

6/21 W∴ Jose DaSilva

8/30 R∴W∴ Rick Baccus

6/23 R∴W∴ Andrew Giovannini

8/30 Bro. Steven Jennings

6/29 W∴ Edward Wiacek


Upcoming Events

7:00 pm each Wednesday – officer’s or degree rehearsal & social hour

  • Jun. 14th – 7:00 pm St. Alban’s No. 6: Joint Communication with & at Hope No. 25, in Wakefield, RI.

  • Jun. 18th – Father’s Day

  • Jun. 22nd – St. Alban’s Day

  • Jun. 24th – St. John the Baptist’s Day

  • Jul. 4th – Fourth of July Parade and Pot-Luck Party

  • Aug. – Grand Lodge BBQ Cookout – Date to Be Confirmed

  • Sep. 4th – LABOR DAY

  • Sep. 30th – Glow Ball Charity Golf Tournament – play golf in the dark!

  • Oct. 13-15 70th International Gathering of Masonic Lodges Named for St. Alban, Rockville Centre, NY


St. Alban’s Association, Inc.

The Board of Directors of the Association generally meets at 6:00 pm on the first Sunday of each month. All members and initiated Masons associated with St. Alban’s Lodge No.6 are welcome as visitors.

Masonic Lodges Named for St. Alban

The 70th Annual International Gathering of Masonic Lodges Named for St. Alban will take place on the weekend of October 13th – 15th on Long Island, New York. Stewart Manor-St. Albans Lodge #56, F. & A. M. in Rockville Centre, NY, will host the gathering. They are planning to have the Indian degree team from Oklahoma perform their Third Degree. Everyone who has seen this has been very impressed.

70th International Gathering
Download PDF • 355KB

Crest of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island

Grand Lodge Officers

​M∴W∴ Douglas J. Grant MW Grand Master

R∴W∴ Michael R. Barbera RW Grand Marshall

R∴W∴ Stephan H. Saraidarian RW District Deputy Grand Master

East Bay District

W∴ ​Jason J. Rainone W Grand Master of Ceremonies

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Rory A. Hanmer RW Associate Grand Chaplin

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini RW Assistant Grand Lecturer

St. Alban’s No. 6


Crest of St. Alban's Lodge No. 6

St. Alban's Lodge Officers


Robert N. Hopkins Jr. Worshipful Master

W∴ Manuel J. Benevides Senior Warden

W∴ Jose J. DaSilva

Junior Warden

R∴W∴ Rory A. Hanmer


W∴ Timothy A. Pray


W∴ R. Andrew Benn

Senior Deacon

Christian M. DiSarro

Junior Deacon

James R. Wilson, III

Senior Steward

​Robert S. Hamel

Junior Steward

W∴ Andrew C. Daigle


W∴ Danny S. Cordeiro


Steven H. Jennings


Brian M. Boyle


W∴ William D. Stephens

Assistant Secretary

R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini

Ritual Advisor

Albert A. Ferri & R∴W∴ David C. Lavery


Past Master Logo

Living Past Masters

Leonard P. Sanford III 1971-1972 2002-2005

Rory A. Hanmer 2013-2014

Edward M Wiacek 1981-1983

Andrew M. Giovannini 2014-2015

Edwin A. McClure 1996-1997

José J. DaSilva 2015-2016

Raymond C. Sartini 1997-1999

R. Andrew Benn 2016-2017

Edward C. Boyd Jr. 2005-2007

Jason M. Nystrom 2017-2018

Jeffrey R. Howlett 2007-2009

Manuel J. Benevides 2018-2019

William D. Stephens 2009-2011

Andrew C. Daigle 2021-2022

Scott S. Crawford 2011-2012

Danny S. Cordeiro 2022-2023

Timothy A. Pray 2012-2013 2019-2021

Robert N. Hopkins Jr. 2023-


Committees of St. Alban’s Lodge

Special Charities Committee

W. William D. Stephens, W. José J. DaSilva, & W. Timothy A. Pray


Lodges Named for St. Alban Committee

Members: Master, Wardens, and Past Masters


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