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Traveling Gavel of St. Alban's Lodge


W∴ Robert A. Horton


Original History

This gavel was used by Wor. Robert A. Horton during his terms of office, and he took it to each lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction for each Master to use. A severe task this was; but the friendships made and the brothers he met made it worthwhile.


This gavel was scrimshawed by a nationally known artist, Mr. Frank Barcellos, of Fall River, Massachusetts, who has his work on display in the archives of the Smithsonian Institute and several pieces in the Kennedy Collection.


The handle was turned by the Master and is adorned with the name of every lodge he visited. The gavel weights 4.5 lbs and those using it will have no trouble remembering it.


It is on loan to the Museum until either he or a male masonic heir has need for it.

Updated History

This gavel was called back to labor by Wor. Jason M. Nystrom during his term of office (2017- 2018). During his term, Wor. Nystrom presented this gavel to the presiding officers of all 25 lodges to wield during their meeting. It was hoped that this singular object would help unify the craft and encourage travel throughout this Grand Jurisdiction.


The brethren who beheld this Gavel were awed by its beauty & craftsmanship as it’s story was told to the brethren of every lodge to hear.


Having successfully completed its task, the Gavel has returned to the Museum until further called for by a worthy male masonic heir.


Lodge Visits

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