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Trestleboard: June 2024


Notice of regular communication of St. Alban's Lodge No. 6 will be held at 363 Hope Street, Bristol RI 02809.
Wednesday, June 12th, 6:00 PM
Square & Compasses
From the east

Hello Wardens and Brethren,

I hope all of you are staying cool now that summer is pretty much here! First and foremost I want to thank EVERYONE for their hard work and effort with our calendar raffle! I’m proud to say we raised $1,900.00!! That’s 95 tickets sold!! My reasonable expectation was 50 tickets with a hope and a prayer to sell 100! Well, you guys crushed it and 95 is amazing! Strong work! I hope everyone can make the June meeting so we can discuss the charity that will be receiving the funds and what event we should do next! This is exciting and seeing the lodge come together for “labor” is truly humbling. Month-to-month SAL6 sets the bar a little higher. I can’t express my gratitude to each and every one of you.

Next on the agenda, we have an EA who will be showing proficiency so you know what that means….time for the FC Degree! Again, at our June meeting, we will be discussing FC Degree roles and a date sometime in September to confer the Degree. So please try and attend.

Our program for the evening will be our sponsored King Philip Little Team, St. Albans! They are currently the number 1 seed in the playoffs and have had a stellar season! Brother Sentinel, Roger Belmore, has attended almost every game and had the great idea of hosting our all-stars for a pizza night! This is something we have been talking about for a few years and is finally coming to fruition! That being said, our meeting on JUNE 12th will begin at 1800 (6:00 pm). Again, the opening is at 1800 (6:00 pm)! We will break for refreshment immediately after opening to have pizza with our team and show them (and their families) around the lodge. Answering any questions, getting to know them, and overall just showing them support from their sponsor. I think it’s important the community knows we are here for them and are super proud of their accomplishments. Once dinner is done, we will go back to labor to finish up any business and to close. It should be a fun night and we are excited for the rest of the Members of SAL6 to get to meet these awesome kids!

East Bay Organizational meeting will be held at St. Albans on June 6th at 6 pm. Officers and Past Masters are encouraged to attend. DDGM Mazen will be there to discuss the upcoming year and I hope we can add a few dates to his calendar.  SAL6 is having a great year thus far and I hope we can get together with the rest of the district and really bring Freemasonry to the forefront in the East Bay!

Lastly, the Bristol 4th of July Parade is right around the corner! Our very own General Rick Baccus, aka Deputy Grand Master, has been selected as the Grand Marshal for this year’s celebration! He has graciously invited Washington Lodge and St. Albans to march with him in the parade alongside our Grand Master in the Grand Marshal division of the parade. All who wish to participate are invited to purchase a polo and hat designed specifically for the parade in support of RW Baccus. The design will be on the website and can be ordered through there or through WB Secretary. Try to get the orders in ASAP so we can get bulk pricing on the order.  As usual, all masons and their families are invited to join us at the lodge for the parade. Bring a potluck meal and whatever beverages you and your family would like to indulge in. The lodge will supply some water, sodas, bathrooms, and more importantly, air conditioning. Get there early as seating can be limited. If you plan on marching in the parade and joining us afterward, I recommend dropping off whatever you need at the lodge before heading to the meeting point (Chestnut & Hope St). This way once you finish marching all you need to do is head over to the lodge for some fun and relaxation!

I look forward to seeing everyone and I can’t wait for a great summer with my Brothers.


Manuel J. Benevides

Years of Light

As another year passes since you were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. May your dedication and commitment to the craft lead you to a fulfilling and enlightened journey ahead.

Ronald Hillegass 12 years

Albert Ferri 14 years

Robert Hamel 21 years

Raymond Murray 22 years

Gilbert Fontes 28 years

Jeffrey Howlett 29 years

Edward Wiacek 47 years

Years of Life

Travis Trego -  6/1

Jason Flick -  6/7

Timothy Pray -  6/7

Kyle Boyd -  6/8

Gilbert Fontes Jr. -  6/10

Brendan Ledsworth -  6/19

José DaSilva -  6/21

Andrew Giovannini -  6/23

Leonard Sanford III -  6/29

Edward Wiacek -  6/29

Upcoming Events

  • Jun. 12th - St. Alban's #6 Regular Communication

  • July 4th - Fourth of July Parade

  • July 7th - Meeting of St. Alban's Association


St. Alban’s Association, Inc.

NEXT MEETING: July 7, 2024

The Board of Directors of the Association generally meets at 6:00 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month. All members and initiation Masons associated with St. Alban’s Lodge No. 6 are welcome as visitors.

Crest of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island

Grand Lodge Officers

​M∴W∴ Andre H. Faria MW Grand Master

R∴W∴ Brandt Evans RW Grand Marshall

R∴W∴ Mazen Alsabe RW District Deputy Grand Master

East Bay District

W∴ ​Anthony M. Amaral W Grand Master of Ceremonies

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Rory A. Hanmer RW Associate Grand Chaplin

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini RW Assistant Grand Lecturer

St. Alban’s No. 6


Crest of St. Alban's Lodge No. 6

St. Alban's Lodge Officers


W∴ Manuel J. Benevides Worshipful Master

W∴ R. Andrew Benn Senior Warden

W∴ Robert N. Hopkins Jr.

Junior Warden

R∴W∴ Rory A. Hanmer


W∴ Danny S. Cordeiro


Christian M. DiSarro

Senior Deacon

Brian M. Boyle Junior Deacon

Jason Flick

Senior Steward

Barry Fontaine Jr.

Junior Steward

W∴ Andrew C. Daigle


W∴ Jason M. Nystrom


Roger Belmore


Abdala Soufan


Albert A. Ferri & R∴W∴ David C. Lavery


R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini

Ritual Advisor

Past Master Logo

Living Past Masters

Leonard P. Sanford III 1971-1972 2002-2005

Rory A. Hanmer 2013-2014

Edward M Wiacek 1981-1983

Andrew M. Giovannini 2014-2015

Edwin A. McClure 1996-1997

José J. DaSilva 2015-2016

Raymond C. Sartini 1997-1999

R. Andrew Benn 2016-2017

Edward C. Boyd Jr. 2005-2007

Jason M. Nystrom 2017-2018

Jeffrey R. Howlett 2007-2009

Manuel J. Benevides 2018-2019 2024-

William D. Stephens 2009-2011

Andrew C. Daigle 2021-2022

Scott S. Crawford 2011-2012

Danny S. Cordeiro 2022-2023

Timothy A. Pray 2012-2013 2019-2021

Robert N. Hopkins Jr. 2023-2024


Committees of St. Alban’s Lodge

Special Charities Committee

W. José J. DaSilva, W. Timothy A. Pray & W. Jason M. Nystrom


Lodges Named for St. Alban Committee

Members: Master, Wardens, and Past Masters


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