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Trestleboard: March 2023

Notice of Regular Communication


March 8th – 6:45 PM

NOTE: The early opening time this month. Lodge will open on the Master Mason degree at 6:45 pm. All members not able to arrive by then, are asked to arrive by 7:00 pm for the purpose of balloting on the Petition for Membership by Affiliation submitted by Bro. Renato Scopel Ramos of 154 Maple St., Apt. 2, Fall River MA 02720.

After balloting, a lodge of Entered Apprentice will be opened for the purpose of admitting all initiated Masons to enjoy the rest of the evening.

As well as handling such business as shall regularly occur, it will be the pleasure of St. Alban’s No.6 to host the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Bro. Robert A. Palazzo, on his official visit to the East Bay District.

Those wishing to gather for dinner are encouraged to arrive by 5:00 pm (1/2 hour earlier than usual) in order to assure time for a pleasant meal. We meet downstairs at Leo’s Ristorante. Ordering is no-host, off the menu. Friends and family are encouraged to join us.

If there is a parking ban in the town of Bristol, the meeting will be postponed or canceled. If postponed, a dispensation will be requested from Grand Lodge for an alternate date.

The Program for the Evening

This month’s program will be a presentation on the Historic Armories of Rhode Island, presented by Roberta Mudge Humble, President of Westerly Armory Restoration Organization. Ms. Mudge Humble will be giving us a history of the 18 armories that have survived through times when lesser architecture would have failed. Over half of the existing buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. It will be a fascinating presentation, where I’m sure we’ll learn a lot about these remarkable buildings. St. Alban’s has used the Historic Warren Armory for many fundraisers, so it will be interesting to hear more about its history.


Greetings Brethren,

I’d like to start off by congratulating the officers on performing an excellent Entered Apprentice degree (Second and Third sections) last month. A special thank you to R∴W∴ David C. Lavery and R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini for doing such a wonderful job with those sections! It was a superb degree. I know our newest Entered Apprentices, Roger Belmore, Barry Fontaine, Jr., Abdala Soufan, and Travis Sherman truly appreciated it. I’d also like to offer a special congratulations to Brother Charlie Walker on showing his proficiency in the Fellow Craft degree.

This month we will be hosting the official visitation of our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Robert A. Palazzo. I encourage everyone to come out and join in the brotherhood for the evening. It should be a very enjoyable event.

For those of you that haven’t heard, the building suffered a frozen sprinkler head during the cold weather and wind event we had last month. This caused some water damage to the building, so if you see and hear some dehumidifiers running, now you know why.

We are continuing our weekly rehearsals at 7 pm on Wednesday nights when there isn’t a St. Alban’s meeting or a visitation. As it has been in the past, rehearsals are open to all brothers, not just the officers and all are encouraged to join us and enjoy a bit of brotherhood afterward.


Robert N. Hopkins, Jr.


Years of LIGHT

As another year passes since you were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, we thank you for your service to the cause of good and wish you well as you continue your quest for light.

13 yrs on 3/1 Bro. Steven H. Jennings

​17 yrs on 3/6 R∴W∴ David C. Lavery

19 yrs on 3/27 W∴ Timothy A. Pray

49 yrs on 3/12 W∴ William D. Stephens

Years of LIFE

As you celebrate another birthday, we wish you many more, with fraternal love and happiness always.

3/6 Bro. Matthew P. (Doc) Perry

3/11 W∴ Raymond C. Sartini

3/27 Bro. Albert A. Ferri


Upcoming Events

7:00 pm each Wednesday – officer’s or degree rehearsal & social hour

  • Mar. 1st – Lafayette No.47: M∴W∴ Grand Master’s visitation to the Northern District

  • Mar. 5th – 6:00 pm St. Alban’s Association, Inc.: Board of Directors meeting

  • Mar. 8th – 6:45 pm St. Alban’s No. 6: (7:30 pm) M∴W∴ Grand Master’s visit to the East Bay District

  • Mar.12th – Daylight Saving Time begins

  • Mar. 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

  • Mar. 18th – Grand Lodge: Leadership Training

  • Apr. 4th – Harmony No.9: M∴W∴ Grand Master’s visitation to the Central District

  • Apr. 12th – 7:00 pm St. Alban’s No. 6: Visitation of R∴W∴ Eric E. Grist, D. D. G. M. for the East Bay

  • May 2nd – St. Paul’s No. 14: Visitation of R∴W∴ Eric E. Grist, D. D. G. M. for the East Bay

  • May 6th – 6:00 pm Alpine Country Club, Cranston: Grand Master’s Testimonial Ball (tickets $50/p at


St. Alban’s Association, Inc.

This is a reminder for those interested that there will be a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association on Sunday, March 5th, at 6:00 pm in the social hall. All initiated Masons associated with St. Alban’s Lodge No.6 are welcome to attend as visitors.

Crest of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island

Grand Lodge Officers

M∴W∴ Robert A. Palazzo MW Grand Master

R∴W∴ Brad Ripley RW Grand Marshall

R∴W∴ Eric E. Grist RW District Deputy Grand Master

East Bay District

W∴ ​John W. Kent, III W Grand Master of Ceremonies

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Rory A. Hanmer RW Associate Grand Chaplin

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini RW Assistant Grand Lecturer

St. Alban’s No. 6


Crest of St. Alban's Lodge No. 6

St. Alban's Lodge Officers


Robert N. Hopkins Jr. Worshipful Master

W. Manuel J. Benevides Senior Warden

W. Jose J. DaSilva

Junior Warden

R.W. Rory A. Hanmer


W. Timothy A. Pray


W. R. Andrew Benn

Senior Deacon

Christian M. DiSarro

Junior Deacon

James R. Wilson, III

Senior Steward

Robert S. Hamel

Junior Steward

W. Andrew C. Daigle


W. Danny S. Cordeiro


Steven H. Jennings


Brian M. Boyle


W. William D. Stephens

Assistant Secretary

R.W. Andrew M. Giovannini

Ritual Advisor

Albert A. Ferri & R. W. David C. Lavery


Past Master Logo

Living Past Masters

Leonard P. Sanford III 1971-1972 2002-2005

Rory A. Hanmer 2013-2014

Edward M Wiacek 1981-1983

Andrew M. Giovannini 2014-2015

Edwin A. McClure 1996-1997

José J. DaSilva 2015-2016

Raymond C. Sartini 1997-1999

R. Andrew Benn 2016-2017

Edward C. Boyd Jr. 2005-2007

Jason M. Nystrom 2017-2018

Jeffrey R. Howlett 2007-2009

Manuel J. Benevides 2018-2019

William D. Stephens 2009-2011

Andrew C. Daigle 2021-2022

Scott S. Crawford 2011-2012

Danny S. Cordeiro 2022-2023

Timothy A. Pray 2012-2013 2019-2021

Robert N. Hopkins Jr. 2023-


Committees of St. Alban’s Lodge

Special Charities Committee

W∴ William D. Stephens, W∴ José J. DaSilva, & W∴ Timothy A. Pray


Lodges Named for St. Alban Committee

Members: Master, Wardens, and Past Masters


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