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Trestleboard: November 2022

Notice of Regular Communication


November 9th

7:00 PM

The Lodge will open at 7:00 PM for the transaction of such business as shall regularly come before it. Those wishing to gather for dinner beforehand are encouraged to meet downstairs at Leo’s Ristorante. Ordering is no-host, off of the menu. Friends and family are encouraged to join us. Please arrive by 5:30 in order to assure time for a pleasant meal.

The 2022 International Gathering of St. Alban Lodges was a wonderful success, thanks to the many members and friends who came forth to help and participate. It was a glorious celebration of brotherhood. NOW we need to finish paying for it. There were fewer advertisements in our program book and other support than anticipated, and it is vital that everyone who has not yet paid in full, do so promptly. Credit card charges are due, and the last few invoices must be paid.

Program for the Evening

The program will be about phishing: that is for information, not fishing for fish. In the latter, you are in control and trying to outwit a fish. In phishing, someone is trying to outwit you! Learn from our W∴ Master how to have you be the one in charge of the situation.


Greetings Brethren,

I’d like to, first of all, thank you all, and our special ladies. With your hard and appreciated work and contributions, St. Albans #6 held the 69th International Gathering of Lodges Named for St. Alban. It was quite a memorable event that I’m sure we will be talking about it for a very long time.

We will have quite a bit of work ahead of us before the end of this masonic year. Brother Charlie Walker is making excellent progress on his Entered Apprentice proficiency and will be soon ready for his Fellow Craft degree. Brother James Wilson is working hard on his Master Mason proficiency and I have no doubt we will have a new member on the books in the very near future. Thank you to their mentors for your hard work.

At our last meeting, we recently voted on 1 new candidate, and we will have a scheduled Entered Apprentice degree in January. The officers and I also have recently met with 3 additional strong prospects. I have no doubt that our investigation committee will be making a few rounds in the near future.

I’d like to try something different this year for our upcoming holiday dinner which is scheduled for December 4th. We will be having a family-style dinner on the second floor and we will have plenty of room to mingle. Details on food and pricing are still in the planning stages.

This month’s program will be a presentation on cybersecurity. Specifically, the topics of email phishing with malicious intentions. Several lodges in New England have been targeted including our own lodge. I will be discussing the metadata of what an email is made of and what all of it means. Hopefully, the presentation will leave you more informed and aware of how it all works.


Danny S. Cordeiro


Years of LIGHT

As another year passes since you were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, we thank you for your service to the cause of good and wish you well as you continue your quest for light.

6 yrs on 11/12 David B. Kreutter

59 yrs on 11/13 W∴ Leonard P. Sanford, III

Years of LIFE

As you celebrate another birthday, we wish you many more, with fraternal love and happiness always.

11/8 W∴ Andrew C. Daigle

11/10 Robert S. Hamel

11/18 Scott F. Panella

11/18 Steven W. Baker

11/20 David B. Kreutter


Upcoming Events

7:00 pm each Wednesday – officer’s or degree rehearsal & social hour

  • Oct. 31st – 7:00 pm Collegivm Lvminosvm at Scottish Rite Cathedral, Cranston

  • Nov. 1st – 7:00 pm Adelphoi No. 33: Visitation of R∴W∴ Eric E. Grist, DDGM, East Bay Program: “Rusty Apron” (a Masonic refresher) by R∴W∴ Doug Grant

  • Nov. 6th – 6:00 pm St. Alban’s Association, Inc., Board of Directors

  • Nov. 9th – 7:00 pm St. Alban’s No. 6: Regular Communication

  • Nov. 9th – 7:30 pm Hope Lodge No.25: Visitation of the M∴W∴ Grand Master, Robert A Palazzo, to the Southern District

  • Nov. 11th – Grand Lodge wreath-laying ceremony at the Veteran’s Cemetery

  • Nov. 13th – 2:00 pm “Veterans at the Table” commemorative dinner – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED; contact R∴W∴ Gil Fontes to help with preparation or serving.

  • Nov. 19th – 1:00 pm Grand Lodge: Semi-Annual Communication

  • Dec. 3rd – 6:00 pm Quidnessett Country Club, North Kingstown, G.L. Fall Festival, ($35/p at GL)

  • Dec. 4th – 1:00 pm St. Alban’s Lodge Holiday Dinner

  • Dec. 13th – 7:00 pm Washington No.3: Visitation of R∴W∴ Eric E. Grist, DDGM, East Bay

  • Dec. 14th – 7:00 pm St. Alban’s No. 6: Regular Communication


From the Secretary’s Desk

Please remember that we now have stairlifts to the second and to the third floors !! You no longer need to worry about climbing the stairs. We are looking forward to seeing in the lodge those who were concerned about the stairs. You can now come to the lodge without dreading the stairs. We have missed you.

If you would like a ride to the lodge, please do not hesitate to ask. If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance, please notify the Master, the Secretary, or a member of the Special Charity Committee. If you learn of the need, illness, or passing of a member or Special Lady, please contact one of us as soon as possible.

The invoices for next year’s membership fee will be mailed out in December, and payable in January. Membership dues for 2023 will be discussed and, perhaps, decided at this communication. Be present to offer your suggestions.

If you have not made arrangements to pay your current dues, Grand Lodge requires that your name be bought forward to consider being dropped from membership for Non-Payment of Dues. At present, we have three Brothers who have not paid their 2022 dues, or made arrangements to do so. We value the friendship of all members. Please contact the Master or the Secretary right away to make some arrangements.


Annual Holiday Dinner - Dec. 4th

Get your reservations in right away if you have not yet done so.

Contact WM Danny Cordeiro

Our Annual Holiday Dinner will be held on Sunday afternoon, December 4th at 1:00 pm for the friends and family of St. Alban’s No. 6. Children and family members are especially welcome, as they add to the joy of the season. As always, our Special Ladies are invited to be our honored guests at no charge.

We will meet, greet, and dine in our social hall on the second floor. Remember that we do have a stairlift for everyone who does not like stairs.


Grand Lodge will hold a wreath-laying ceremony on November 11th at the Masonic Monument in the RI Veteran’s Cemetery in Exeter. Prior to the ceremony, Mt Vernon Lodge No.4 (1515 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown) will serve breakfast beginning at 08:00 am, donations will be accepted.

The Semi-Annual Communication of Grand Lodge is Saturday, Nov. 19 at 1:00 pm. All Master Masons are welcome, & all Wardens, Masters, and Past Masters are voting members of The Grand Lodge. If a Warden or Master is unable to attend, speak to the Secretary to establish your proxy.

The Fall Festival dinner and dance will be on Dec. 3rd at 6:00 pm at the Quidnessett Country Club, North Kingstown: Tickets are $35/p, which must be purchased at Grand Lodge.

Crest of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island

Grand Lodge Officers

M∴W∴ Robert A. Palazzo MW Grand Master

R∴W∴ Brad Ripley RW Grand Marshall

R∴W∴ Eric E. Grist RW District Deputy Grand Master

East Bay District

W∴ ​John W. Kent, III W Grand Master of Ceremonies

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Rory A. Hanmer RW Associate Grand Chaplin

East Bay District

R∴W∴ Andrew M. Giovannini RW Assistant Grand Lecturer

St. Alban’s No. 6


Crest of St. Alban's Lodge No. 6

St. Alban's Lodge Officers


Danny S. Cordeiro Worshipful Master

Robert N. Hopkins Jr. Senior Warden

W. Manuel J. Benevides

Junior Warden

R.W. Rory A. Hanmer


W. William D. Stephens


W. R. Andrew Benn

Senior Deacon

Bacary Diatta

Junior Deacon

Brian M. Boyle

Senior Steward

Christian M. DiSarro

Junior Steward

Scott F. Panella


W. Andrew C. Daigle


Roger P. Adolphe


Brendan H. Ledsworth


Albert A. Ferri & R. W. David C. Lavery


R.W. Andrew M. Giovannini

Ritual Advisor

Past Master Logo

Living Past Masters

Leonard P. Sanford III 1971-1972 2002-2005

Rory A. Hanmer 2013-2014

Edward M Wiacek 1981-1983

Andrew M. Giovannini 2014-2015

Edwin A. McClure 1996-1997

José J. DaSilva 2015-2016

Raymond C. Sartini 1997-1999

R. Andrew Benn 2016-2017

Edward C. Boyd Jr. 2005-2007

Jason M. Nystrom 2017-2018

Jeffrey R. Howlett 2007-2009

Manuel J. Benevides 2018-2019

William D. Stephens 2009-2011

Andrew C. Daigle 2021-2022

Scott S. Crawford 2011-2012

Danny S. Cordeiro 2022-

Timothy A. Pray 2012-2013 2019-2021


Committees of St. Alban’s Lodge

Special Charities Committee

W∴ William D. Stephens, W∴ José J. DaSilva, & W∴ Timothy A. Pray


Lodges Named for St. Alban Committee

Members: Master, Wardens, and Past Masters


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